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Oh Hello Friday Font! 09.02.11

I’m so reveling on getting my new Chanel Particuliere goodness of a bottle that I decided to match the yummy taupeness of that nailpolish with an equally crushable script type.

This one is called Channel (close, eh?) by Swedish graphic designer Måns Grebäck. The font supports linguistic accents and has those delicious end swooshes (instead of brackets). When downloaded, the pack offers you a selection between regular (upright), left-slanted, right-slanted and more-right-slanted variants. Super great.

You can download Channel HERE.


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  1. I downloaded this font too before and if you like it, I think you’ll like this other font too that kinda has the same feel. It’s called Monoment. I’m not sure where I downloaded it, but it’s definitely free. :)

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