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To all who have given me support, inspiration and love: I feel rather guilty nowadays as I’ve practically neglected my online family. This blog, my IG stream, my Facebook page. I’ve also been tapering work and the updates on my site. If you don’t already know, our family’s getting a surprise addition and the new […]

Writing with your handwriting.


First of all, Happy Handwriting Day! I think it’s the best day to get back to blogging about writing, don’t you think? And yes, that title up there may sound odd and redundant (it honestly made sense in my head), but do allow me to explain. A lot of people tell me that they’re afraid […]


Alain & Justine: Sage and Simplicity

Sometimes you just get a good feeling when you open an email. Tiny (Justine) and her sweet note appeared in my inbox in the middle of a swirl of projects and frilly hullaballoos. I was dizzy and I almost didn’t take her wedding on. But there was just that something. When she came back with […]

WE Dream Theme-Opulence

WE Dream Theme: Turn of the Century Opulence

So I got this email from Wedding Essentials one day. I barely skimmed thru the words and chose to focus on hurrying to meet some design deadlines. When I finally got the chance to get back to it, I didn’t want to believe what I was reading. To be asked to be part of a […]


Making Letters with Brushes

Since being on Instagram, the lettering geek in me has just gotten more and more insane with questions, lust and inspiration. Following the greatness of Sergey Shapiro and Giuseppe Salerno, it made me really want to teach myself how to write with a brush. A big shout out to the design and lettering community I’ve had […]


Bridal Crafternoon: Monograms & Rubber Stamps!

Wee! A collaboration! It’s so awesome to be getting together with other people and make stuff with your hands. And the extra-special thing is that this workshop is for wedding bees! Oh love and joy and things that make your tummy giggle. Together with Alessa of Life After Breakfast and Mansy of Hey Kessy, this […]

My Writing Story


It’s been an absolute blessing being able to do what I love and share it with others. I love writing. I love playing with ink and paper and color. I love learning and how I learn even more when I teach. Whenever someone tells me that they’r a fan of my works, I honestly need to […]

The Amazing Q

Lettering vs calligraphy-1

It’s no new news that I’m an avid fan of this movement. Subscribers to the newsletter actually get a special discount at LVSC’s Etsy store. Martina and Giuseppe are awesome artists by themselves too. And I wish I had teleportation powers just to join their workshops in Berlin. When I got an email from Giuseppe […]

Oh Hello Friday Font! 04.05.13


A handwritten font! Again! YAY! I love how pretty and unplain they look, even if they’re not swooshy and frilly. This is called Penelope Anne. The name suits her dearly (I’ve clearly personified my favorites, and it may be a sign that I have a problem). The designer says it works best with large sizes, […]

Chris and Amanda: Endlessly Lovely


Thinking about this wedding fries my brain with so much happiness that it took me forever to decide on how to start this post (so there, it’s officially started). Amanda sent me an email months before her wedding. Like many of my clients, I only get to “meet” them this way. Everything about her was […]

The Laguna Pitbulls: Love Changes Everything

P1080592 copy

It was such an honor to have been invited to the blessing of the new sanctuary for the rescued Laguna Pitbulls. When I first heard of these dogs, it broke my heart. I sent my donation and kept on thinking what else I could do. I wanted to volunteer but even if all the details […]

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